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TFI Fuel Tuning

TFI Frequently Asked Questions

What are the recommended settings for my vehicle and my modifications?

The recommended settings for your vehicle will be listed in the instructions and posted along with your vehicle in the Products section. The listed settings are only a place to start. Based on the number of after-market modifications you have made on your vehicle and different combinations, they may change slightly. Settings are also very dependent on the individual rider. Your riding style and mileage preferences will affect the settings which work best for you. We can not provide exact settings for your setup and highly recommend renting our SAFR tool to check your tune-up.

Why do I need an EFI controller?

Any power sports vehicle comes equipped with an ECU map developed by the OEM manufacturer to pass federal regulations. The stock ECU map does allow for small fuel changes to compensate for temperature changes, altitude changes,...etc, but does not allow the end user to make adjustments for additional modifications which affect the air flow like after market exhaust systems and air filters. EFI controllers are just like buying a jet kit for a carburetor vehicle. Even a stock vehicle can benefit from an EFI controller, but if you plan to do any other performance modifications to your vehicle then you should start with an EFI controller which allows you to tune the fuel.

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