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TFI Fuel Tuning


Three key differences between Dobeck Controllers and all other tuning systems:

  1. Load Based vs Alpha-N Tuning
    Alpha-N Tuning takes into account Throttle Position (TPS) and RPM to construct a grid to fill in fuel values. Load Based Tuning takes into account RATE, TPS and RPM to construct three main zones for fuel adjustment. Most of the controllers on the market use Alpha-N Tuning because it is the easiest way to make calculations. Load Based Tuning takes more advanced calculations and breaks a drive cycle down into easy to understand zones to allow for quicker and more precise adjustments.

  2. 'On-the-fly' Adjusting vs Computer Downloaded Maps
    Be careful how you interpret 'on-the-fly' tuning because a number of products like to claim this ability. Dobeck products all have true 'on-the-fly' tuning. You can make fuel adjustments in your garage, in your buddy's garage, on the side of the road and even (be careful) while driving the vehicle. The tuning changes are made instantaneously!! Other products have limited 'on-the-fly' tuning, but not to the same degree. Their 'on-the-fly' tuning is simply switching a toggle switch between a couple different preloaded maps.

  3. Cost
    Dobeck products are the most affordable EFI controllers on the market. Forget all the feature creep of other tuners and get the best bang for your buck. There's only so much horsepower to gain and our fuel tuners can achieve this performance.

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