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Impressed with our product? Let others know by sending us a testimonial and we'll post it on this page. Contact us about how we helped you achieve maximum performance with your powersport's vehicle.

From: Joey Merindo

I had to let you know that I appreciate your staff of professionals, an excellent product that brought my 2010 Iron 883 to life, and made it feel like a whole new machine! I can't believe how much harder it pulls through the gears, eliminated the "lug" at low mph, and greatly improved the responsiveness of the bike with the DK Customs Air Cleaner assembly kit and Screaming Eagle Slip-ons! I'm stoked and would recommend your product to anyone looking to improve the performance of their Sportster. Thank you for the quality product, cool stickers, and fast shipping.

From: Dean

just gotta say .....wow!!! took minutes to fit and the same to tune on my TL1000R and now my bike runs like a dream and so easy to set up.....thanks again, i love it! all bikes need this system.

From: Mark Johnson

I just wanted to write and thank your company for the service they provided me when i stopped by your shop during my vacation. Thanks to the Dobeck team for the undivided attention they gave me when i was up there. That was one of the highlights of my trip. It's companies like yours that stand out from the rest with your outstanding customer service. You will always have my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a tuning system.

From: John Hunt

You guys are Rock-Stars... I installed the TFI on my 06 Vegas Jackpot last night. I wanted to drop a note of thanks to the good folks at Dobeck Performance; your product installed and worked as advertised.

The reason this country is great is because of the business owners, innovators and Rock Stars like Dobeck. You feed our economy and make our country great. Thank you for your service!

From: Steve Gold

I want to thank you all for getting my Road King back on the highway. I took a 130 mile ride yesterday and I believe we are all fixed. Mileage looks pretty good as well. Your generosity flat blew me away. Words can not say enough, but rest assured I will be telling people about your expertise and products!

From: Timothy

My 09 FLHX w/Bub-7 TD's, LA Choppers xXx breather and Dobeck GEN3/EJK. Previously ran TFI (09 - 12) and upgraded to GEN3 this summer. Both tuners are AWESOME products and Dobeck really supports their hardware + military (Retired USAF). Hats off to them!!!

From: Anonymous
Subject: TFI Testimonial

Thank you for the Military discount and an even bigger thanks for such a fine product. I recently installed the TFI unit on my 2009 HD FLTC and although the main reason I installed it was to reduce the heat coming off the motor, I was really surprised by the increase in power. I've no dyno figures to compare, but it feels like I found a substantial amount of additional Torque and a few more ponies along the way. Wish I would have done this sooner. Thanks again for a great product.

From: Jimmy
Subject: TFI controller

Just installed your TFI on my 2007 Street Bob. Had a K&N air filter and rush slipons. What a difference your product made. The smoothness of the acceleration was incredible. It doesn't even feel like the same bike. The power increase was awesome also. Thank you for a well made product that does what you advertise it to do. The recommended settings were dead on. Thanks again!

From: Richard
Subject: EJK controller

I just wanted to follow up on the part that I ordered and say thanks. With a new exhaust, air system, and the TFI module, my HD Softail is running like a different bike...better.

Thanks for the great customer service!

From: Mark Smith
Subject: EJK controller

Got the Electronic Jet Ket installed over Christmas. Four of us went on a 225 mile ride today (just a short Lunch ride in Texas). The bike is more responsive and has more get up and go. I wanted to thank you guys for the fast shipping and a controller that is easy to install. The Stage One settings appear to be right on. Thanks

From: Anonymous
Subject: Testimonial

Like so many others, I tried the V&H Fuel Pack. No bashing of them at all, but the bike never was right. Ran across your product online, took a chance and holy crap what a pleasnt surprise! Easy install, set to your specs and never have looked at unit again! It works. Period. I had minor mods on my 06 Street Glide. Pipes and air cleaner. For those of you wanting to do the same, don't waste your time on the re-map at the dealer. This is the way to go and you get the pleasure of doing it yourself!

From: Tom Hewitt
Subject: Testimonial

Recently purchased and installed your controller, FI-1047ST, on my 06 Ducati 800ss. I find that it is a rare occasion when a performance upgrade lives up to its advertising claims. What a pleasant surprise, everything you say about your product is absolutely true. Installation was quick and easy. Riding the bike is now a much more enjoyable experience. Gone is the near complete lack of power below 3K RPM, replaced by actual throttle response. The bike is much smoother at all speeds and now pulls like a tractor any time I whack the throttle.

Just wanted to congratulate you on a truly great product.

From: Steven
Subject: Testimonial

Hi guys, just a quick note to thank you for your great service and kindness. The unit is working great. This bike now does things it never thought of before, in a higher gear, with mucho gusto. Smoother, noticeably more power everywhere at all times. Also cooler, but now my old, tired legs get cold. Guess I'll just have to get warmer pants. Thank you all very, very much.

From: TL Reining T's Place Inc
Subject: Testimonial

As a new dealer for you company, I had the pleasure of installing the TFI system on a customers 1997 Harley Davidson Roadking. He had been running another "tuner" and the bike never ran right. His motor is stock with a K&N highflow aircleaner and Thunderheaders for exhaust. I installed the TFI, set the pots to the recommended settings. The bike fired right up, no issues. The customer took his bike out for a test ride after install and when he came back to the shop, the grin on his face was evident. His comment, "this is the best this bike has ever run!!". Truely, a testimate to the quality of your product and I'm confindent, more an more of my customers will switch their tuners to the TFI system.

From: Unknown
Subject: Techlusion Testimonial

Thanks for a great product solution! My 2002 BMW 1150RT had become hardly enjoyable to ride. The constant surging was really a drag. I was ready to sell the bike. I had the dealer install it and its like a new bike! I can't believe how smoothe the power delivery is, no surging at all!

From: Damon Smith
Subject: Testimonial

I have a 2008 96ci Dynaglide that has the HD stage 1. This engine idle was choppy and has always surged at low rpm and ran extremely hot and it would ping and backfire. The performance was better that stock but not what I thought it should be and it was getting 44mpg. I did a lot of research on tuners and found the Techlusion which is what I was looking for. I wanted to be able to easily tune the engine before I made any modifications. The installation was easy and the baseline settings were close, with only some slight tweaking to get it where I wanted.This engine is like night and day. The idle is smoother, it is running much cooler,no more low rpm surging,pinging or backfire and there is a noticeable power increase,it now jumps when the throttle is slammed,response is excellent.I can run it down to 40mph in 6th gear and the engine pulls fine and I can accelerate without it bucking.My mileage increased from 44 to over 48mpg. I am telling other riders about this product. I also have a 2004 Electra Glide Classic with the 88ci engine that has some of the same problems.I will be ordering the TFI contoller for this bike also.

From: Unknown
Subject: Testimonial

I ride a Yamaha V-Star 1300. I have run a Cobra fuel processor since I bought the bike in 2007. I had to make adjustments when my elevation severly changed and when the weather changed. I had a backfire that i just couldn't tune out. Well i evidently placed the unit in a bad spot under my seat, because it finally shorted out blowing my fuel pump fuse. After about 100 websites and 100 phone calls, I chose the Doebeck product. Installation was frustrating at best, my American man hands don't fit well inside Japanese equipment. After installing it, I got the unit set with the minimum settings remommended by Doebeck (gas is $4.11 per gal)My test run ride was a 600 mile ride down to Ensenada Mexico and back. I hardly recognized my bike,the response was so much better, it seems like the TFI has even stretched the "Power Band" I find myself shifting gears a lot less often on surface streets there is actually power at low speeds in second gear without lugging, and the mileage... 48mpg on the highway average speed 80mph. Oh, and the backfire has gone away for the most part.

From: Unknown
Subject: great product

Just got back from my 80 mile test run after installing the latest version of your fuel controller on my 2009, 1000 v strom. What a great product, easy to install and easy to adjust. No more coughing and spitting @ 3000 rpms. You guys do what you say. Thanks

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