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Verification is required BEFORE completing your order.

You can receive the same discount from your local dealer. DP passes on all sales to an authorized dealer if the customer provides us their information.

Discounts are unlimited and good towards all MT Pockets Products.

After verification is complete you will be given a promo code to enter when checking out online to receive the value of your discount. Promo codes expire within 1 month. You will need to re-verfiy your information if the promo code expires.

ONLY ONE discount can be applied per product sale. Military forum members will still only get the military discount.

MT Pockets Performance offers a 10-30% discount on all purchases for the following individuals:

  • ACTIVE or VETERAN Members of Any Branch of Armed Forces / Military for anyone in the WORLD
  • ACTIVE or RETIRED Police and Fire Department Personnel for anyone in the WORLD
Verification methods can include:
  • sending an email from your military email address to sales@dobeckperformance.com stating your name and branch
  • faxing a copy of your DD-214 (black out SSN) for military personnel to 406-388-2455
  • faxing a copy of occupation identification which includes your name to 406-388-2455
  • sending a photo of any identification to sales@dobeckperformance.com

MT Pockets Performance offers a 5-20% discount on all purchases for the following individuals:
  • Racers
  • Forum Users - See requirements below
Verification methods can include:
  • Racers - Fax or email in a copy of your last race registration within the past year.
  • Racers - Provide link to posted race results within the last year.
  • Forum Users - Provide forum name, your username and a link to a recent post about purchasing a DP product
    • Forum Post - Must contain the words "MT Pockets Performance" along with the product name "TFI", "EJK" or "AFR+"
    • Example: "Decided to purchase the EJK controller from MT Pockets Performance."

For more information about the discounts please fill out the form below. We will respond back to you by email usually in 1-2 business days.


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*Your Email:

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(We are enthusiasts. We love to hear all the details of your vehicle including your modifications)

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