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TFI Fuel Tuning

TFI Snowmobile Products

Dobeck Performance has not developed a TFI product for all Snowmobile applications. Dobeck Performance does offer an EJK controller for all Snowmobile models. Please check out ElectronicJetKit.com for possible EFI controllers.

Arctic Cat
Part Number Type Vehicle  
950148025 8025ST Arctic Cat All M, F, & Mountain EFI Series 2001-2009 VIEW INFO
950148027 8027ST Arctic Cat Crossfire & M 1000 EFI Series 2007-2009 VIEW INFO
Part Number Type Vehicle  
950148015 8015ST Polaris 900 RMK/Switchback/Fusion EFI 2005-2006 VIEW INFO
Ski Doo
Part Number Type Vehicle  
950148035 8035ST Ski Doo 600 & 1000 SDI 2005-2008 VIEW INFO

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