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TFI Fuel Tuning


Dobeck Performance may not have a TFI controller for all EFI vehicles produced by this manufacturer. EJK (GEN 3 & GEN 3.5) applications may be available though. Please check out ElectronicJetKit.com for possible EFI controllers. Thank you.

Part Number Type Vehicle  
950121031 FI-1031ST BMW F650 Single Spark 2001-2004 VIEW INFO
950111031 FI-1031 BMW R1100-all 1994-2000 VIEW INFO
952591033 FI-1033ST BMW R1100R/RS/RT/GS 1994-2000 VIEW INFO
952591032 FI-1032ST BMW R1100S/R1150 all/ R1200C all 1999-2004 VIEW INFO
950111031 FI-1031 BMW R1150-all 1999-2004 VIEW INFO
950111031 FI-1031 BMW R1200C-all 2000-2004 VIEW INFO

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